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VALEO Poland has been certified as one of the Top Employers Poland in 2017 and the Top Employers Europe 2017.

On February 9, 2017 Top Employers Institute announced the results of the annual survey on working conditions for many employers in Poland.

We are pleased to inform you that our company belongs to those who managed to win this prestigious certification.

Top Employers Institute is an independent organization investigating the employment policies of major global employers comparing them with international standards. This means that the certificate of  Top Employers is received only by leading employers.

The essence of the current process in the Top Employers project is to undergo the process of detailed examination. Meeting high standards on best HR practices set by the Top Employers Institute allows you to get certified.

The criteria which are assessed by Top Employers Institute:

Talent development strategy
Planning for staffing needs
Induction of new employees (on-boarding)
Training and development
Performance management
Developing leadership skills
Career development and succession planning
Salaries and benefits

Independent audit is an additional guarantee of the proper conduct of the process. Participation in the survey confirmed our unique working conditions and ensured a place for us in a small group of certified Top Employers.

Valeo has also been awarded the prestigious Top Employers Europe 2017. It is awarded to all organizations that pass the certification process in at least five countries of the region.

David Plink, CEO of Top Employers Institute: "Our detailed study showed that VALEO in Poland is part of a small group of employers who are improving working conditions around the world. These companies care about their employees. Now that they have gained the certification of Top Employers Europe 2017 they can rightly claim that they are in a small group of the best employers in the world. A great reason to celebrate! "

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