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Good visibility is one of the key factors that determine safe and comfortable driving.

As part of its efforts to improve visibility systems, Valeo focuses on designing and manufacturing lighting systems and wiper systems.

Not everyone realizes that the poor condition of the wipers may be the reason for taking the vehicle registration from the driver. In part, this is due to the fact that even roadside officers themselves rarely pay attention to it. Meanwhile, the poor condition of blades poses a huge threat*, especially in autumn and winter. 

The Wipers Production Plant in Skawina is the only Valeo plant in the world where the entire wiping system is produced and its production reaches 10% of the world production.

The wiping system consists of four finished products: blade, arm, mechanism and motor.

The blade connected to the arm is an element that can be seen on the windscreen of the car, while the mechanism and motor are hidden under the hood.   

To produce a complete wiping system, we need to start up to 11 different production processes and involve about 20 production employees.

The implementation of a new project in the scope of design works and tests in accordance with the client's specification takes about 2 years of work of a team of 6 engineers.

The factory in Skawina produces both front and rear wiper systems, motors, mechanisms, arms, older type blades and the latest generation of blades - Flat Blade type. The client portfolio is very wide. The products are mounted on cars of most known and popular brands (VW, Seat, Renault and many others), as well as lorries (MAN, DAF, etc.). In recent years, we have also started cooperation with premium car manufacturers such as Ferrari and McLaren.

The goal we strive to develop our products is visibility in all conditions.

*safe journey - how to take care of wipers